Tips on how to give liquid medicine to a cat

Tips on how to give liquid meds to a cat is certainly one of my most regularly requested questions. It’s also possible to take a look at my “Tips on how to give a cat a tablet” video (that includes Mr. Pirate) right here: …

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  • Thank you for this video. I adopted a senior cat about a month ago and the vet gave me liquid joint medication to give my cat orally once a day to heal the tissue and minimize the pain. I watched your video, did it the first time today and it was a success!

  • It is not as easy as you are showing us, I knew all your explanations, but the cat won’t let me, as simple as that. He’s strong and he just doesn’t want it.

  • I’m dealing with an anxious angro cat lol. We adore him but we are having a really hard time giving him liquid antibiotics. We will def try it this way but it’s been so hard. He also had 4 teeth pulled so we don’t want to hurt him at all. I just hope he gets better. Love your videos.

  • You sure take your time explaining…………….thank you! Just did it and my cat didn't freak out or bite me for the first time since I started medicating him! Gracias Doctor!

  • I literally just gave our cat some liquid meds and she was drooling and foaming from the mouth, running around the bedroom like a lunatic. Immediately afterwards I did a Youtube search on "cat mouth foaming after medication". I put off watching this video cause it was over 11 minutes long (I suffer from a short attention span). Then I watched it… all of it. Great video. You are gifted with a pleasant energy that makes your videos informative and fun to watch. I'm gonna subscribe to this channel. Might even have to get a Squish That Cat t-shirt.

  • Hello, we have designed and made a handbag, which is very similar to your pet, almost indistinguishable. May I mail it to you and ask you to make a video for us?
    You can go to my channel to see how it looks. It really looks like your cat.

  • Thank you. My cat had a surgery for a tumor and I have to give her Augmentin in liquid form. Thank you so much I managed to give it to her with your method

  • Thank you and Clawdia so much for this. I'll be purchasing some squish that cat merch with my next paycheck. My cat Tiki and I owe you. Much love to you.

  • Have you noticed that when they do these how to demos they always cast the mellowest cat in the universe? Mine is the Tasmanian devil.

  • Samantha Firoze Sethna

    She won't let me open her mouth enough to bypass her tongue, and Famciclovir tastes ultra bitter and awful. This is not going smoothly.
    I towel wrap her and force it to happen daily, she fights it and licks for an hour or two after even though I give her super stinky high quality fish right after. It's way past the point of "maybe this doesn't have to be a negative experience".
    We're both just bummed and worn out after.

    I also cant seem to hold her whiskers back like that because she'll escape by moving forward, but she is much larger than Clawdia and I am much smaller than you.

  • @Helpful Vancouver Vet This I would like to see on a cat that ferociously fights back. I'm fairly good at medicating cooperative and semi cooperative cats, but I have more than one that learned to fight it, and I have two that simply will NOT allow me to hold them in any way, shape or form. These two instantly become teeth and claws, on all four paws. They are strong and lightening fast! Needless to say I am unsuccessful in administering pills or liquid med on these cats. HELP!!!

  • I need to give my cat antibiotics for the next 2 weeks. I'll be giving this a try. Wish me luck. My cat is demon. The vets are petrified of him.

  • I've had cats my whole life, and this was extremely helpful. I wish I had this in the past when I needed to give medication to them, I'm sure it will improve my future relationship with cats immensely.

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