Tips on how to keep away from being pregnant | Yasmin pill | Contraception drugs advantages, unintended effects, dosage & evaluation

A particular video on Tips on how to keep away from being pregnant utilizing Yasmin pill also called contraception drugs, its advantages, unintended effects, and evaluation. I’ve personally …

35 thoughts on “Tips on how to keep away from being pregnant | Yasmin pill | Contraception drugs advantages, unintended effects, dosage & evaluation”

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  • Hello I m using this tablets at the 5th days of periods I ate 8 tablets but their I feel a lots of side effects like severe itching on my whole body nausea and some stomach issues what should I do kindly suggest

  • I take Yasmin tablet before 2 month. And I get periods after use of this tablet… Now.. This month In the periods date I have a spotting only. Plss reply for these reason..

  • Hello please answer me now I bought Yasmin and I just took it for six days when I was with my boy friend and stopped them when he left me and my period was to come on 24th October but till now 5th I don't see my period may I be pregnant?

  • Hey ma'am I don't get my period… It was 17 day delay because I'hv taken pills to extend my periods. Tell me what should I do know????

  • I'm 24 and singal I miss the pill that I take it in thier day but unfortunately I take the next day in present day and the past pill stay.
    What should I do please answer me faster.

  • I was taking yasmin tablet but one day I miss my tab and next day on wards I started same strip and completed 21 days. Not yet my periods come . If we miss any day means it will not work as a contraceptive? Is there any chance to pregnancy as we miss tab in any day?

  • After how much time will my period resume after taking yasmin pill for about 1 year??? i have stopped taking it and its been about a month now .

  • Hi my question to you is how long should one keep taking this tablet??? And once the 21 days of taking the tablets are done when should you start with the next pack???

  • Mam doubt is aftr completing 21 days of Yasmin ..I failed to get period's been 3 days aftr completion ..when can I get period approximately ?

  • I take Yasmin tables but I’m look different and when I finish one pack i start the next pack with no gap is that a problem? Should I have a 7 day gap with out taking any pills because I haven’t gotten my period in a while

  • Ma'am, what about emergency pill? Which comes only one tablet in the pack.
    If a woman did unprotected sex so which pills you prefer to prevent the pregnancy?

  • Mam recently I started Yasmin table…I am not married and also I have PCOD issue… doctor suggest me to take this tablet… but periods not getting stop by this tablet…. today is my 18th day of period…I am very much confused.. please help me

  • I am trying to convince my period cycle is 28days but my Dr give me yasmin pill 5day of period to 21days kya isse praganancy nahi rukey gi

  • Hello mam..plz answer me.. i am a PCOD patient from last 5 years… my age is 24… am doctor advice me to take yasmin…n i am taking it frm last 5 months…n i am having regular period ..but i want to know there any problem or harm to my it gud fr me to take this tablet fr long tym..??? as this is a contraceptive pill..this is bothering me…if it ll b harmful fr me in future…Plz advice me mam…

  • Please madam help me with the reply of this question for someone who has never used this pill.i saw my period on 17 of much and I make love on the 31night breaking 1first of Appily and I was sceard that I may be pregnant for I bought this pill and took it after 3days of making love madam I wish to know if I can still be pregnant or not because I took 2 of this pill each day for 3days.

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