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  • Okay might sound weird but what if goku and vegeta fused while in theese forms and gogeta/vegito went with some kind of mixture between theese? I think that would be cool

  • I don't know if this sounds cool or cringey but I would love a "super saiyan devil." I think this form would keep up with ultra instinct and vegeta unlocks it first.

  • gachalife Super James

    I have made a form of super saiyn when my character hair turns red he is in a form that gathers his main counter part determination turning red and the aura is red and wild but when in it to long he can become depressed

  • I made a frost demon transformation its called true golden form. Its better than golden form and the appearance is all gold the same colour while the eyes are glowing white and a bit of gold. The speed of the form is incredible its basicly the same a super sayin blue kaioken and blue evelotion.

  • CurlyFries' Reviews

    Ok but, Super Nova Super Saiyan. Hair style: Super Saiyan 3 plus Super Saiyan 2 Goku. Aura: Black with purple, white, and blue. Power level: Super Nova Super Saiyan > Super Saiyan Blue Evolution. How to unlock: A Saiyan must be present at the heart of a super nova and the Saiyan must go Super Saiyan 3. Upside: Stamina complete control. Downside: Ki consumption increases when using Ki based attacks. Ultimate Move: Omega Super Nova ( A Massive Ki ball that drains all of the Saiyans Ki once used).

  • Okay but really the idea that Vegeta's thing is the litteral opposite of UI is a great story point. Just imagine Whis discarding Vegeta for thinking too much and Vegeta just going.

  • I really like those forms in a vacuum, especially sparking joy, it's such a simple yet beautiful idea.

    Personally one thing I'd really like from new forms (besides being sidegrades with positive and negative effects) is for sayians to actually use something from their sayian biology, like super sayian 4.

    So hear me out on this one, because dragonball doesn't really have a great power system (in the sense of having intricate fightning styles or techniques), I'd try to concoct a form that plays into dragonball's strenght, the emotional narrative.

    So this form should manage to create some really dramatic moments and to combine this idea with the zenkai boost I think could be really intresting.

    The idea of the form is to use all the potential that a sayian accumulates trough zenkai and throw and use that energy as a last resort against your enemies, but you only have as much fuel as your power level, while the form lets you unleash incredible power, much more than what you could before the transformation, it destroys your own power as well, slowly but eventually exponentially decreasing your maximum power level.

    So in theory with this form while you can unleash incredible power it would only work against evenly matched opponents who fight back, because once they fight back and deal damage to you an improved zenkai boost will slow down the power loss.

    During the battle the one using this form would need to finish things quickly if against a weaker but evasive opponent, or against strong opponents to get damaged enough to keep the form up.

    Also after a battle using the form the user would feel his muscles and reactions slower, so they would need to train after the fight to get on par with how they were before. So if another threat comes swinging by they'll be in extreme danger.

    I feel like this form is a sort of kaioken but that has gone berserk and is a form that only a sayian would thought of, and because it really feels like a power of a god of destruction, with the ability to destroy your own energy to get stronger I think that this would be the perfect form for a god of deatruction version of vegeta that studying goku's old techniques he has managed to expand and make them his own like instant transmission and the likes.

    The aura would be purple like a god of destruction but with the heat and muscle increase of kaioken, I'm not really good with names so I think Hyper sayian could be cool even if a bit basic, hyper itself means to be excitable and it represent the fact that that the power withing the user has been excited (destroyed) and then actually used.

    The form itself is a mixture of raw power from the sayian side and technique from the kaioken side, pretty much this style isn't at all about defense but it's about going all out on attack and gambling your own power to win.

    Also I think that besides vegeta a great fitting candidate would be broly, because his lgss makes him use a lot of power maybe combining it with the hyper sayian he could combine the permanently growing power level and the hyper sayian costant consume of power into an incredible form.

    Idk if anyone had the hearth to read trough all my bad english and nonsense I put out but I really enjoy writing powers for characters and this was really fun, thank you to anyone reading to the end

  • Super saiyan silver but it would be a gogeta only transformation so it would be a combination between Vegeta's super Saiyan blue evolved and Goku's ultra instinct

  • I almost want to think that if a Saiyan with Super Saiyan Rosé and one with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan performed one of the fusion methods, the result would be something like a Violet colour form, though I would need to actually sit down and watch the Colour video before I even think on that.

    Also it would break the rule by simply being a transformation stacked with a transformation.

  • To me Sparking Joy could have the downfall of getting the user so off reality that he starts to damage really bad the surroundings and maybe even his friends, as he can't see really difference in reality and a game. So that the user should be really super careful on using it, and may prefer to go off it as soon as he can

  • Fallen Graceful Horror

    It's not new but what if they learned High Tension from the dq games? Btw I'd love to chat a bit about some of my fanfics I'm working on and planning on drawing and would love your take on it.

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