On this video you will uncover the nootropic advantages of Turmeric. Together with why we use Turmeric as a nootropic, advisable dosage, unwanted effects and scientific …

10 thoughts on “Turmeric”

  • I cook with minced organic Turmeric and hot chili peppers and that seems like the best way to use it for my symptoms and for better general health. I have taken your advice on many occasions especially for my hypothyroidism and many other autoimmune disorders. Thanks David for all your advice and years of research.

  • Okay cold front came through woke up with a migraine! Straight to the kitchen got my organic turmeric out, added to some almond milk with some black pepper. 15 minutes later GONE! I’m amazed and I was so tired of taking migraine meds like excedrin it was killing my stomach lining.

  • Love your channel, i take 1350 twice a day of turmeric for my mood. definitely helps me sleep alot better. Could you do a video on supplements for multiple sclerosis my partner has the illness I have got her taking turmeric thanks.

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