Weight achieve – medicine and melancholy – 1 of three

On this video I discuss in regards to the several types of weight achieve – water weight, medicine aspect impact, melancholy. How I received to 168 lbs (5 foot tall) and the way it made me …

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  • Failure To Communicate

    Had edema with seraquil . Ballooned up quite a bit all over. Very disconcerting . Bread btw releases ektorphins, chemically similar to endorphins. That's what accounts for the warm fuzzy feelings.

  • I have had two medications (seroquel now) that have caused dramatic rapid weight gain and I have not changed eating habits, I'm not eating more or worse. I just don't understand. I am having a discussion with my doctor about it next month…. How the weight adds to the depression is awful!

  • I was forced to take clozapine in a hospital in the UK, I put on 42 pounds (3 stone) and felt very depressed because of the weight gain. I came off very gradually from clozapine but experienced a severe withdrawal reaction which included psychotic symptoms, on the up side I lost 50 pounds!
    I was then put on Zyprexa for the psychotic symptoms, I know exactly what you mean that you must eat something sugary and a lot of it when you take Zyprexa.

  • I'm so glad you did this video . I'm sending it over to a friend of mine who, like me, is bipolar and trying to lose weight. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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