Wellbutrin (bupropion) – Wellbutrin Evaluation

I began Wellbutrin after struggling a really traumatic yr. My physician put me on Wellbutrin (Bupropion) and I had a really dangerous facet impact. Have a pay attention and let me …

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  • With psychotropic drugs patients experience different reactions. For me Lexapro makes me manic it being a SSRI. However with Wellbutrin a Snri it does the opposite and calms me.

  • Poor Boys Adventures

    im starting wellbutrin tomorrow morning. I have been on cipralex for a little more than a year at 20mg. I went to see my doctor today feeling very dull and mildly depressed with no motivation or ambition or no energy. He gave me 150mg wellbutrin today and im starting it tomorrow morning. looking forward to it. ill try and follow up.

  • Is it normal to have agitation for the first couple weeks?! Does this eventually subside?? Thanks for any feedback it’s appreciated.. I’m on 150xr daily along with lexapro.

  • I got Wellbutrin paired with Propranolol and the pharmacist warned me about the “first week suicidal thoughts” but now I’m on the 3rd day and honestly i don’t feel anything lol. Like nothing has changed, my heartbeat, blood pressure, focusing, energy and I’m still sleepy all day, With a little trouble sleeping at night. I hope it starts kicking-in soon 🙁

  • Wellbutrin made me jittery and have vivid dreams progressively getting worse night after night. The main issue i got that made me stop was something i never experienced before. Upon further detective work, i realized i had a medically induced manic episode. I felt great but i was remembering feeling way too good. Wanting to invent things, thought i had it all figured out. Big no. Just felt like mdma or something. Sucks cause i know it helps alot of people. Vyvanse had a similar effect on me. Medications that deal with dopamine are not for me.

  • Thanks for sharing, been on Wellbutrin for 8 months now. It has changed my life, for the better. Starting was difficult because of physical side effects. Not sure how coming off the meds will go.

  • @joeytalks thank you for sharing this. I experienced similar episodes. I researched a lot of natural and infused products with thc and Cbd. Please let me know if you have tired any infused non pharmaceutical meds.

  • I’ve been on Wellbutrin 150 mg for 16 years and it’s always worked well for me in terms of depression but not so much for anxiety. 300 doseage was making me way too jittery and couldn’t function.
    My Dr is weening me off of Wellbutrin to try Escitalopram and I’m hoping that drug works better to combat both depression and anxiety.
    Side effects are not fun and getting through that initial 6-8 weeks of a new drug can be very challenging.
    I’m hoping that I don’t experience weight gain with the Escitalopram because Wellbutrin was very effective in maintaining and even losing weight. Sexual side effects (decreasing libido) are not something I want either so here’s keeping my fingers crossed.
    It’s a balancing act of keeping your brain in a positive place and living everyday life to your best and feeling great and balancing the side effects.
    Thank you for sharing your videos and I realize that everybody is different in how they react to drugs.

  • I’m so glad you shared this video and your experience. I also had more depressed thoughts when going on it and basically struggling throughout the last year trying to get off of it. My anxiety was so high on it. I was having several anxiety attacks daily. I had never had those before. However Lexapro was way worse for me tried to stop that cold turkey well we all know how that works. Then I got on Zoloft it was worse and now Wellbutrin well it has been a struggle I’m now on 75 mg trying to get off the last little bit so afraid to just quit because of what lexapro did to me, but I’m ready to stop it completely.

  • Did you experience insomnia with the Wellbutrin? I am on day two and sleep is my main issue. I take 4 other medications, one is seroquel and one is gabapentin, and finally Valium. Both are supposed to help with sleep, but it seems like the Wellbutrin is over-riding the sedative components of those medications which seems nuts to me. I also take valerian and melatonin. I am only on day two but my main issue with the depression is lack of sleep and this is not helping.

  • You’re so BRAVE! Thank you sooo much for sharing! I’ve been on Lexapro for a month now, and just took my first dose of 150mg of Wellbutrin. I’m nervous, but I’m willing to try anything to stay alive.

  • I had a similar reaction to Zoloft when I was 16, I ended up in a locked ward and I believe the "proper term" for it is a "Black Box reaction" I am going on Wellbutrin soon, so I'm a bit anxious. Question for anyone, does Wellbutrin cause you to have sleep paralysis or night terrors/hallucinations? I'm just a bit worried that it won't interact well with my anti-psychotic Latuda

  • Mental health issues can be extremely subtle that it's hard to find the connection (especially with depression and anxiety) and you think it's just you because you get used to it and it creeps at you in such a subtle way that you forget how you were before it took place.
    The same when you feel good, it's like you forget the time you were depressed, you forget how it felt, because it's hard to describe the feeling of depression. Like you were in a dream, a nightmare more accurate

  • Wellbutrin is nice for me… and sometimes if i take it in a certain way it gives me the ability to obtain a fat boner… better than usual. lmaooo. But i haven’t figured out the exact procedure to cause it…for me. One time it happened when i cut the pill in half… but it hasnt happened when I take 300mg… as of yet. Still testing.

  • Literally dude if I didn't watch your video last night i'm not sure I would have made it through today. Thankfully my psych is great and told me to stop immediately. I just really wanted to work. And the reason is because suicide when you said suicide isn't a "wah wah" moment, it's your body taking over your mind, like you're possessed and you need that tiny little guy that's saying "comon man just come back over to this side for 5 minute and we'll see what happens" Luckily I listened to that little guy. At about 10am I started crying with a smile because I could feel the Wellbutrin ride was coming to a stop that quickly. This wouldn't have happened without this video. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • I've been on Wellbutrin 300 XL for a year now, it's not bad but not good either I'm just meh. I have major depressive disorder though so pretty much nothing works haha Now I'm going to add Lexapro. I start my first dose tomorrow.

  • Thanks for this vid Joey. I just started Wellbutrin, but will monitor carefully. I was on Lexapro for 3 years. Really appreciate your openness here.

  • I’m on 150mg of Wellbutrin XL and I really want to get off of it. I noticed it really helped me with my depression but it also gives me really bad anxiety. I’m constantly on edge at my job. I work in a warehouse with tons of loud noises going on and immediately I start feeling anxious whenever I hear them. My mind constantly races with different thoughts throughout the day too which also gives me anxiety and I’ve never felt like that until I started taking Wellbutrin. I feel like chopping my pills little by little and slowly taper myself off of it completely. I shouldn’t be going through life feeling worried and anxious all the time.

  • I have been taking Trintellix for a week
    And it works. It's very powerful. They gave me the 10mg. Ask me questions if you have any people.

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