Wellbutrin: From a Meals Facet

Hey y’all! So I believed it may be useful to speak about how the treatment has impacted what and the way I eat. Please be aware that everybody’s expertise will differ if …

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  • Hi, it does NOT block the transmitters neurepinephrine and dopamine. It blocks the REUPTAKE of those 2 neurotransmitters, which makes them sit in the nerve synapses longer. Neurepinephrine is like adrenaline (epinephrine), and it is a stimulant, which is why bupropion has mild stimulant effects and leads to weight loss.

  • i wanna switch to this medication because prozac is making me physically hungrier even though the cravings are gone. sometimes the hunger is just overbearing and i have to eat even i had just finished eating or if im physically full. even if I am fulfilling a physical need, it triggers a binge.

  • Heidi Verna Thorbjørnsen

    It does not block your dopamine – it helps keep more in your brain & body actually – it helps it from being absorbed into your system so fast like in normal timing – it increases dopamine levels & norepinephrine-that’s why it helps addictions – also revs you up and even helps ADD

  • Just a word about the science from someone who studied neuroscience in college – a norepinehrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitor doesn't block the transmission of those neurotransmitters, it INCREASES their transmission by blocking the transport proteins which remove those neurotransmitters from the neural synapses. So individuals are experiencing increased dopamine and adrenaline (hence the not being able to sleep for some. Wellbutrin works as a stop-smoking aide as it inhibits acetylcholine receptors (nicotinic receptors are a type of acetylcholine receptor). Cheers 🙂

  • I've been on bupropion hcl xl 150 mg for almost 3 weeks and my appetite increased (a little), i'm lowkey so upset bc i wanna lose weight and now i feel like im gonna gain weight on it. Some people said when they increased to 300 mg they noticed a appetite decrease. Does anyone else feel this way?

  • I agree with so much of this. Two weeks in and you are describing exactly how I am feeling. Thanks for this video. Not a lot of info on this topic.

  • ive been on welbutrin for about 2 months.. my appetite is shot.

    i feel myself loosing weight by the day..

    its off putting to say the least. i agree.

  • I just started taking wellbutrin and noticed small changes in my appetite as well. My husband bought a blender for me and I bought frozen fruit and make shakes with it, have you tried that. If you like chocolate German chocolate is good http://www.ritter-sport.de/en/, every once in a while if I get chocolate this is the only kind I get. I love coffee, I only put liquid creamer in my coffee, no sugar the creamer already has sugar ;). I also drink about a pot in a half sometimes depending on how I feel. Yesterday I tried to eat a bagel I thought it was just the cream cheese that was bothering me but nope I finished it and I was full. I let my son eat the bagels now, I can't eat them any more. 🙁 , I think it is great that you can talk about yourself and tell people how you are doing on wellbutrin.

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