9 thoughts on “Wellbutrin & Zoloft: Nervousness, Melancholy, PMDD”

  • I think one thing that helped me is that knowing and understanding that I am more sensitive to things around me than most people does not mean I am not normal. So don’t think that you are not “normal” because of that. You’re just more sensitive and that’s fine.

  • I know I'm a bit late but how are you feeling, dani everything you described I've been experiencing for about 6-7 years now ever since I started high school… The part where you space out and dont know which words to connect together but you knowing what you wanna say in your mind just bothers me so much….. And I also feel anxious and like people are watching me at all times, and just feel unmotivated to do anything like the usual activities I used to do as a child… I also get migraines out ofnowhere …Dani I feel like your a very nice girl… I was just wondering if you are doing better after 2 years hopefully you see this message and also I just started taking Wellbutrin 300MG XL for a month now, and dont feel that big of a diffrence but it has helped me lose weight and stop smoking cigarettes.. I was prescribed remeron before and lexapro.. the lexapro did nothing but the remeron helped me feel focus and alerted but then it just stopped working… So for the anxiety part I was just given zoloft yesterday.. I am indeed scared to take both medications at the same time.. Because I've read that is increases chance of seizures and liver problems…. but I'll tell my doctor about it… hopefully you are alot better now dani and take it easy 🙂

  • You should cut down on the Zoloft or switch to Prozac or lexapro. Then take the Welbutrin 150mg SR once in the morning. With around 20 to 40mg of Inderal(propanolol) stops sweaty palms, racing heart and adrenaline overload. Basically covers the physical symptoms of anxiety.

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