15 thoughts on “What "Colored" actually means in post-apartheid SA: Zaib Toyer”

  • Coloured strongly exists. If we should say that we are south Africans, why then to this very day do you still have on many forms a 4 block fill in whereby you must indicate what race you are? Take this away and only then we can be called south Africans. Other than that, we remain as coloured people. In simple terms, remove BEE

  • Coloured people are lost and confused…. They should just choose to be black or white…. They are making themselves look weak and embarrassing by calling themselves coloureds.. That word was given to them by the colonizers and oppressors yet they still say we are proud coloureds that's bullshit

  • I truly feel that the term “coloured” is too vast as to asking, what is a coloured. That question will be the same as asking what colour is a rainbow. We as coloureds are a combination of two or more ethnic groups of which some of us do look white, black or asian because of this. You put a Cape, Durban and Jo’burg coloured in the same room and they will not automatically recognize each other’s race, until they begin to converse. And no we are not all from San, Khoi, Malay descendants. We are rich in culture for we belong to a diverse one.

  • Coloured!?!?! … it's only ignorant people that seek to identify themselves with this term. It's actually an insult to even be called a coloured, given its historical understanding… One can only find such ignorance and confusion of identity in Southern Africa as dictated by Apartheid… And it continues to be peddled by products of that divisive era!

  • …Coloured is a term describing the tint of substances and materials. Coloured associated with humans is a melanin specific designation. Ignorance blinds the mind of persons who are led to believe the superiority is relative to skin tone, at this Reality, ignorance grew as a wild grass into Society, and global ill-religious-leadership grew in total ignorance for lack of understanding the reasons for melanin-rich persons. Nature is perfect by and for its purposeful-varieties.

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