38 thoughts on “Which antibiotic in COVID 19 Azithromycin or doxycycline”

  • Doctor BoADl Doctor BoADl

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  • Sir I was suffering from nemonia before 15 days now I m quite normal nd having regular मेडिसन nd doing excerise but right now I m suffering from some breathing disorder (saans foolna)

  • Just want to clear my doubt… Doxycycline is not anti viral, just an antibiotic for secondary infection… But u said both are anti viral.. Kindly clear my doubt… Anyone

  • Sir main doxt sl 100 mg le raha hu sath nain calpol 650 but mujhe kl bukhar reduce huya is medicine se but aaj nahi reduce ho raha hain

  • Good morning sir i am pharmacist in sms hospital jaipur. I am covid positive . My first day of symptoms was 18 nov 2020. Symptoms was fever and pain in legs and back. I had taken azithro 500 and aceclo +pcm , montel+ lcz, limcet . Now i am feeling better but i hav irritatation in my nostril. What precaution need to cure this , plzz recommend.

  • Mohitripathi Tripathi

    One Dr said to me….. Ivermetricin 12 mg BD for 5 days… ND doxycline 100 mg BD for 5 days…. Is it safe for me… My age is 28 and weight is 65…..

  • This is what is being recommended in up

    Tab – Ivermectin 12mg 1 Od after 2 hrs of meal for 3 days
    Tab – Azithromycin 500 mg 1OD for 5days
    Cap Doxycycline 100mg 1Bd for 5 days
    Tab C-DEX 1 Od for 15 days
    Tab Dolo 650 mg 1 Bd / sos

  • Dear Doc, since, your videos are generally aimed at general population , you must desist from disseminating this information as it might lead to self medication. And the world is already witnessing burgeoning antibiotic resistance.

  • Thanks sir… par kya typhoid or mild covid me azithromycine 5 day ke use ke baad kya hum doxycycline ya azithrimycine 5days or use kar sakte hain.

  • Sir Maine ivermectin 3 din liya uske sath 5 din single dose doxycyckine liya fir 3 din azithromycin liya any side effect sir please help me?

  • I was also a serious covid patient and now fully ok , buy coronil of Patanjali , take vaporizer as much as you can take . Min 5 times vaporizer.

    For body pain use only paracetamol , do lot of rest , eat daliya , fruits , giloy tulsi ras . Drink kaadha 3 times . Eat kiwi . Take nimbu Pani .

    And in 14 days you will be ok. Drink healthy drinks. Focus on immunity only
    And one more tablet azee 500mg.
    And use bresol syrup with lukewarm water for cough

    God bless you and take care of you

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  • Sir i am Asha Gupta
    Me and my family my husband my ,my children 10 year and 8 years old ,mother in law , father in law ,and brother in low got positive on 25 September,
    And on 10 October all got negative
    but me and my husband still positive
    Can we keep Childers in my room with us or not ….?
    Can we are still a corona spreader…..?

  • Sir, I recently recovered from Covid-19. I took Azithromycin 500 mg daily for 7 days as recommended by the Doctor. Thank you so much Doctor sahab.

  • https://youtu.be/dtM-cM2PH-o
    इस डाइट को फॉलो करें ,आप मेडिसिन ले रहे हैं तो भी इस डाइट की मदद से जल्दी ठीक होंगे और मेडिसिन की साइड इफ़ेक्ट से बच जायेंगे ,.| कोई वीकनेस नहीं रहेगा ,फीवर भी ज्यादा दिनों तक कंटिन्यू नहीं रह पायेगा

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