Why I QUIT Zoloft

Properly, that is it…my 9 month journey of Zoloft is over. Now I need to provide you with guys as a lot info as I can (in a practical time interval) on why I give up Zoloft.

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  • hello! i’m not sure if you’ll ever see this but i wanted to say that i am about to talk to the doctor today about trying to slowly get off of zoloft. i am 14, so i’m talking with my mom about it as well! i’m really nervous about getting off of it because i had severe ocd and anxiety. however, i feel perfectly fine now (i’m on zoloft right now). however i’ve been feeling some side effects while on the medication! i feel very numb almost like a zombie, and i’m so tired always. i also feel no energy a lot of the time and just don’t feel like i’m actually here in the real world. it almost feels like depersonalization, but i am not diagnosed with it. i’ve told my doctor and mom about it, and we think it’s probabaly time to maybe get off zoloft! do you have any advice for avoiding side effects while getting off of zoloft? i am nervous because i’ve heard about things like brain zaps and other side effects, and i really want to avoid them as best as i can! once i’m off zoloft, do you think i’ll go back to my “old self?” i’m fine with a little ocd and anxiety coming back obviously, i just don’t want to go back to where i started! maybe i should go to therapy after i’m off of it to cope?

  • Atara Rose Greenfield

    hi thanks for the video. i want to start Zoloft for anxiety and depression. besides the weight gain, what other negative affects did it have on you? i actually need to gain weight , because now i don't have an appetite.

  • Love your channel I started zoloft today I'm not really into it but my family says it's this or the highway hope this works lol

  • antidepressants do carry suicidal warnings and the withdrawal is worse than when you startled it. You are making perfect sense to me.

  • Zoloft is horrible. It even changed my face i dont think i am the same person i was before zoloft. And yes you put on also. Please be careful dont take it if you really dont have to

  • I have social anxiety for about 3 years and it fucked my life up. University became a living hell.

    One tip: going to the gym saved me a bit

  • I love your videos! You are so well spoken and relatable. You are NOT alone. Everyone feels that way, mental illness or not, as some points. I get those moments a lot too and they suck. Appreciate your vids <3

  • What's with the extreme vertigo I'm feeling? It's day 3 without it and it's getting worse. This happened when I decreased the dose and then stopped but now that I'm completely off it's worsening.

  • Great ,no pills that's number 1,sugar in moderation is my recommendations with small meals you'll be slim happy and active,at night clean system with apple or cranberry juice,tell others , promise no more tears

  • I quit straight vodka , 3 sugar drinks per day , sugar relaxes nervous system , quit pill popping and just do it , really trying to help

  • When you stop drugs alcohol etc , you have extreme anxiety , sugar is the fastest way to stop that,it relaxes nervous system , try it without medication , 3 sugar drinks per day,I used to get loaded on straight vodka , if I can quit that you can stop pill popping , really trying to help,just try it

  • Hi I'm so sorry you're going through this. I've been facing a hard personal experience myself. Idk if you believe in God but every time I read his word I feel calm and I'm calm when I pray to him. I'm most calm when I spend time with him. There's different things that may help others but what's helped me most is being with Jesus Christ. I hope you will be ok and I will for sure be praying for you thank you for sharing your experience and maybe we can talk. Do feel free to message back anytime you feel and God bless

  • be careful spreading misleading and wrong information. stating that antidepressants are not supposed to make you suicidal is WRONG
    taking any ssri or anti depressant always increases the risk of suicide and patients should be monitored very closely specially in first months taking. here's the dumbdown version of why for you…

    anytime someone is actually depressed. especially so depressed they sleep alot,can't leave their bed, dont function normal in their daily life ect, they don't even have the worth,care or motivation to kill themself… once start taking ssris or anti depressant they can start to incline in mood but not to the opposite end of the spectrum. meaning now they can get up,move,have the energy and thought process and motivation but may also be struggling with their mood so now they have the energy to plan and to follow through with suicide and suicidal thoughts and ideation


  • Kenyadiah Strickland

    Omg … ♥️ this video is amazing. You have really touched my heart because everybody seem to be so afraid to speak on this!! I just wanted to say that you are not alone!!! I just got prescribed Zoloft and I decided to watch some reviews on it because I’m very nervous about it. But after this video I’ve decided to just fight my depression and anxiety naturally. You have such a beautiful soul and it’s sad but we are the ones who tend to get affected by depression because we feel as if no one is there for us. We need people around us all the time and even our family fail in that area sometimes… keep pushing through !!! ♥️
    I can relate so much to you and I really hope your okay because picking yourself up out the hole of depression is so hard to do but it is possible!!! Thanks for telling your story because the world needs to hear it!!! Take care!

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