With abuse on the rise, consultants warn about Johnnys – the prescription drug gabapentin

For those who arent on this medicine, chances are high you recognize somebody who’s. Its used to deal with the whole lot from ache to temper issues and will be simply what the physician …

25 thoughts on “With abuse on the rise, consultants warn about Johnnys – the prescription drug gabapentin”

  • Never experienced euphoria on gabapentin – just helps horrific neuropathic pain. This is the weirdest report. I don’t get it. But I do long for the day they come up with a pain reliever as effective as opioids that has zero euphoric effect; 1) so they don’t mess with mood, you might feel great for a while but there’s a terrible drop in mood afterwards which worsens my depression and 2) so doctors can chill the hell out and have an option to get us out of pain without suspecting we are going home to party FFS.

  • For the casual user, Gabapentin basically makes you very tired. It is a medication that takes many days (usually weeks) to work up to your prescribed dosage. That's because it takes your body a while to get used to the drug. As mentioned, when first starting Gabapentin it will make you very sleepy. Eventually, your body will get used to the medication and this feeling will go away if the dose is just right. Gabapentin can be extremely helpful for people with chronic headache syndrome (headaches every day or almost everyday). It can also help with other painful issues, but it doesn't work like a regular pain killer. It is no where near as addictive as typical pain killers and you can stop taking it much easier than common pain killers. This drug should NOT be put in the same category as the party drugs described in this video. Gabapentin doesn't work like that. Again, for the casual user it will basically make them sleepy. With any drug it can be abused. I would not drink alcohol with Gabapentin. I would also be careful taking other drugs that have sedative properties (anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, pain killers, etc) because it could intensify their effects. Gabapentin is also used to help people recovering from (withdrawal symptoms) other drugs. I believe that is why many drug dealers have Gabapentin. They sell it to people experiencing withdrawal symptoms from stronger drugs like Oxycodone, valium, Xanax, or even alcohol. Gabapentin can be very helpful in reducing withdrawal symptoms.

  • The new oxy? That might actually be the most out of touch thing I've ever heard… It's not even an opiate and it's only similar to benzos slightly. I didn't feel shit on gabapentin.

  • Lovin’ life Montalvo SashaNCor

    OK so I take Lyrica Which pregrablin is in the same class as gabapentin and I started it two years ago it used to make me be able to do everything that I couldn’t do lift up my my niece and nephew hang out with my kids play in the backyard and then a year later it seem like the medication change like they change the chemical components in Lyrica and now it just makes me tired I have seizures due to a very bad car accident two years ago the Lyrica that was given to me helped whatever they did to it now is not helping me whatsoever it sucks when people don’t take their medication properly because it affects the people who need it especially people who have issues like fibromyalgia

  • You propaganda warriors makes me fucking sick. If you want to abuse ur medicine so the fuck what?!? These are the same people shoving amphetamines down childrens throats.

  • I've had to use gabapentin twice for Shingles and it does knock the pain down some but I have no idea why someone would "abuse" this drug as it has no "drousy", high, or any noticeable affect on me whatsoever, it's more akin to tylenol or aspirin. I think someone just wants to find a "bad guy" drug and sensationalize a story about it.
    However I have taken oxycotin and hydrocotin and I was hooked the first time I used it, there was no pain at all. The oxy was way to strong so I would cut the pill in quarters and still get high. I don't use the stuff anymore, I enjoy my pain now (damn liar) but it was my choice to detox. The detox period was the worst sickness I've ever gone through. This story is stupid.

  • Jacqueline San Martin

    I had a rx for this a couple years ago .. never did I feel anything euphoric or drowsiness I’m pretty sure it didn’t help my pain either so It probably ended up in the trash …

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