Yasmin Alibhai-Brown blasts Laurence Fox: "You hate being white and privileged"

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown blasts Laurence Fox’s controversial look on Query Time, earlier than telling him: “I’ve stopped watching you in Lewis.” Jeremy Vine …

17 thoughts on “Yasmin Alibhai-Brown blasts Laurence Fox: "You hate being white and privileged"”

  • He is a 'White privileged man' but I like him. He is using his platform to stand up against the BS that the majority of White males (vast majority unprivileged) have had to put up with in recent years.

  • She's comes across saying equality for everyone yet in Uganda her family treated blacks lower then the guard dogs. Dont believe a word that comes out of mouth! TAQIYYA TAQIYYA

  • Wow who is really the intolerant and hateful one. Lets just clarify the vast majority of Asians, Latinos and Middle Easterners have no issues with racism in this country or any other western nation. Really not bothered in 2020. But our opinions really don't matter to the left. Only two races are making a show of this subject and they need to stop.

  • I really want us to go into ww3, and I would love there to be equal rights, with feminists, and the "under privileged" fighting on the front line, it's not fair that the working class, white over privileged males lose their lives going to war, we need to make it even across the board?

  • Fox: “I’ve also had a few deaths threats”
    Yasmin: laughs and looks at others for affirmation
    That’s all you need to know about their respective morality.

  • Never forget that leftists are EXACTLY the sort of people they accuse you of being. They assume you must be as huge a bigot and a racist as they are.

  • Yasmin typifies a far left Asian women who is in tolerant of any one who has a different view to her's. I'm on Laurence's side. Who refused accept a label or be pigeon holed. God for him. In my Yasmin a pompous old billy goat…. I bet she say would that my view is typical of an Asian male…. however, that not change the fact you were are an old billy goat who needs to listen to others, who have a different view about themselves than your perception them.

  • With all respect… The lady is so full of BS. Let's take stats, culture, her words… Who's not based on factual data? I'm an immigrant in UK, yet I'm European… I'm atheist… My culture has no links to beheadings.

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