Your COVID-19 Questions Answered (Open Discussion board Half 2 – eighth Jan 2021)

Your COVID-19 Questions Answered (Open Discussion board Half 2 – eighth Jan 2020) Extra lectures on Purchase me a espresso …

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  • What about the CDC hiding the fact that Autism was linked to the MMR vax? Going as far as to shred their docs on the study when called out. Dr William Thompson, one of the five scientists involved has copies and becomes a whistleblower. CDC is big Pharma! Biggest scam in years and its was all over social media but not a peep by MSM???? But yes trust them all with our health…

  • QUESTION: Dr Been if you have dilated cardiomyopathy can you take Ivermectin? My heart was infected with Coxsackie virus a year ago. I'm concerned that the vaccine will cause another cytokine storm.

  • Hello Doctor Mobeen.I am suffering from Covid Long haulers syndrome.
    The symptoms i am experiencing are
    1.Arthritic like symptoms , Joint pains
    4.General body pain

    I literally cannot get out of bed .Is there something that can help?

    Thank you

  • Dear Dr Been, thank you so much for what you are doing to help in this pandemic. I trust your comments implicitly.
    Have you had a response from Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London regarding Ivermectin?
    There are several online petitions available to sign, regarding Ivermectin and Vitamin D on There are petitions for UK, USA and Canadian citizens. I have signed 3 today.

  • Q1: Can the mRNA of the vaccine* through systemic distribution get into more "important" cells (e.g. retinal photoreceptors or SA node)?
    Q2: Will the cells at the injection site regenerate? If not, how many cells are attacked/killed by the immune system and will the loss have an effect on muscle mass?

    *if injected correctly i.m.

  • Hello sir
    Methylene can be given as nebulized form to covid infected patients ? It will be beneficial for infected patients to stop diseases progression?

  • As small as internal environments are inside our autonomic activities almost could be considered gravityless, pressurized, volume and temperature controlled with naturally controlled weights and balances driving mobility.

  • I think the same 8 people come and click "thumbs-down" with every video on this channel. I'm clicking "thumbs-up" before I even watch. I KNOW it's good information that's fair, smart and level-headed.

  • Three years ago JAMA and BMJ wrote articles on a topic very relevant to this discussion. Volunteers from a study on vaccines at the NIH discovered that some of the scientists running the study were co-owners of the patent on the vaccine being tested and stood to make millions from royalties on the vaccine. Dr. Fauci was one of the scientists named as a co-owner of that vaccine and he is also a co-owner of the mRNA vaccine technology licensed from the NIH by both Pfizer and Moderna. This is an example of a program promoted by Dr. Fauci and others many years ago to help the government to benefit financially from government scientists research and has some very good benefits. However the potential conflicts are very problematic and I do not blame the volunteers for taking action on this issue. Dr. Fauci directs HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars in scientific research and needs to be clear of all conflicts; since March 2020 Moderna's share prices have risen 600% – WSJ. This situation is untenable and must be addressed.

  • Could you address the significance of "Ivermectin decreases binding activity of HIF-1α to the importin α/β-heterodimer" from the recent paper: This seems to explain why Ivermectin is so immediately effective when given to ARDS patients. Would also be interesting to know if and how SARS CoV 2 affects this pathway at the genetic level.

  • QQQ… Dr. MoBeen have you seen Dr. Levit's protocol video for Covid on YouTube dated January 9? (see below for link)
    His IVM protocol is as follow: 0.45mg per kg on Day 1…then 0.30mg per kg per day for Days 2-9.

    He also recommends Vitamin D 50,000 iu on Day 1.. then 5,000 IU per day for next 30 days

    Vit C- 2000mg/d (chewable prefered).Take daily with lots of water to avoid kidney stones (it is excreted in the urine) & take with food (VIt. C is acidic and can increase peptic ulcers and may cause nausea- another reason to take it with food) x 30days. It’s very safe & excreted in urine.

    Other medications include zinc, Pepcid (Famotidine) 20mg QD , ASA (aspirin) 325mg/d with food 1 hour after Pepcid.

    Take NMN (nicotinamide mono- nucleotide)- 1000mg twice daily for one month

    8) Cytokine storm- if feel very poorly take Prednisone 1mg/kg x3d then sliding scale for 10 days total or Xeljanz 5-10mg po BID till feel better (I usually prescribe 10mg BID for 3-5days and no more than 14days).

    9) Infusion with antibodies: Regeneron & Ellie Lilly’s Covid-antibody infusions are available in the hospital emergency room and are offered for the very sick and for those who have a + PCR & are ^70 years of age. It is safe and effective. The sooner you get it the faster & easier is the recovery as breathing and other sequelae (if not treated in time with any therapy) often last for 3 months post recovery (some we might find 20 years down the line).

  • What happened to the IVERMECTIN PROTOCOL, which has been proven to be lifesaving for victims of COVID-19 as well as excellent at PREVENTING COVID-19? Is it not expensive enough? THESE VACCINES ARE EXPERIMENTAL.

    PLEASE DOCTORS….USE THE IVERMECTIN PROTOCOL INSTEAD!!! It seems it would be malpractice to not do so!

  • Hi dr. Thank you for all your videos. Can you please tell me if there are any known interactions between ivermectin and acenocumarol?

  • Q: repeated and prolonged exposure to Covid causes immune dysfuntion and serious Covid? If so, how do nurses etc take a break before exposure and allow the antibodies time to respond between exposures..Death must be from some other cause since no immunity?

  • Question: Can any vaccine cause the killing of bone cells..going where it should not and hence cause osteoparosis if the cells cannot regenerate..I dont know ..can they regenerate?

  • Dr Mobeen – I live in a rural area of an African country. There is no local medical help and the nearest C19 treatment centre is 9 hours drive away….and they are having dismal results.
    I have managed to source Hydroxichloroquin, Co Amoxyclav 624 and recently Ivermectin (allong with 63 mg Zinc tablets)
    I am unsure which of these medications NOT to take together…and how to get the most benefit from these medications in terms of a w Week 1, 2 and 3 treatment.
    We also have 60 000 UL Vit softgel capsules and 1000 mg Vit C fizzies.
    And I have managed to source medical oxygen and have bought a Pulse Oximeter.
    And my whole extended family is on 2000 UL Vit D a day since March.
    Any feedback from you will be very much appreciated.

  • Lots of interesting content, rather long but perhaps someone will post some time index marks to help with topics.
    Certainly nice to watch with lots of audience participants questions.

  • IVERMECTIN study in PubMed. December 2019. jodi raffi
    for crusted scabies:
    200 mcg/kg dose of ivermectin oral on days 1. and 2 and 8 and 15 and potentially on days 22 and 29 for severe case "= 6 times in a month
    drbeen take 4 times in a month 12 mg ……..but for many months????? Ivermectin accumulation? danger?

    "ivermectin in ELDERLY patients geriatrics JAMA dermatology "
    conclusion; " we found no evidence of an increased death rate in ELDERLY patients treated with ivermectin for scabies EVEN after repeated doses.
    Our results confirm those in recent reports that indicate no evidence of toxic effects in this population "

  • "safety tolerability and pharmacokinetics of escalating high doses of ivermectin in healthy adults subjects "
    study in The journal of clinical pharmacology 2002
    conclusion which proved that ivermectin generally tolerated well with 1000. 1500
    and 2000 mcg/kg dose "

  • IVERMECTIN prophylaxis….for many weeks….toxicity? accumulation of ivermectin? danger ????
    drbeen take ivermectin every week….i mask protocol 27 December promote ivermectin prophylaxis every 2 weeks…..

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