Zoloft melancholy treatment overview

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  • I sure hope you're doing well all these years later. I just watched this video one week into starting zoloft after many years of chronic depression and severe anxiety, so thank you for the encouragement. You are clearly a very special person.

  • Just a small correction on dosage.. It's based off of milligram not pill size.. 1 pill of Zoloft could have 5mg where another pill could have a 100mg.. That's one example there are tons of mg variations in one pill

  • I got so bad I couldn't get up off the floor of my parents basement. I became completely agoraphobic. Couldn't even drive. I went into a residential treatment center 200 miles from home and the doctors and counsellors were great. I did a 7 week trial with low dose Celexa. It worked but I still felt agitated and jittery and it never went away after 6 weeks. The doctors told me to lee taking it. When I left I can off of it and was better for a while and found myself slowly getting worse. Now I am back on low dose Celexa and countering it with low dose Ativan or Vistaril.

  • for everyone: anti depressants are NOT for everyone. they work differently on everyone. some people get insomnia or drowsiness from it, others gain weight and/or lose hair… these drugs are just a hit and miss…

  • Was your issue more anxiety or depression? I have struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks for a few years now and my doctor recently prescribed Zoloft but I am TERRIFIED to take it. I have read really mixed reviews online, specifically about it potentially making the anxiety worse initially which I wouldn't be able to handle.

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