Zyprexa Olanzapine: The Animated Story of Psychopharmacology

11Ok VIEWS: THANK YOU!!! A wrap up video of my 16 years with Zyprexa, produced in affiliation with The Vagina Monologues and Legalized Drug Pushers of …

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  • Awesome video – a family member 83 yo female was just admitted to hospital due to delerium/ dementia agitation loss of appetite. The doctors said they needed to titrate her off the pain medications ( norspan + codapeine) that she was taking on for an ulcer on her ankle to see if this was the cause of the confusion and loss of appetite.
    I spoke to the geriatric doctors and they said that no antiphyschotics would be used , better to keep her off the medications , that was their general approach. I was feeling comfortable that i was in good hands but to my surprise womething else was brewing behind the scenes.

    Coming off the pain medication, the patient's pain naturally increased and she was not very cooperative not taking medication nor eating food still ( the reason for being admitted) . Further she was constantly barraged by nurses who constantly barked at her telling her telling her to go back to bed ( all day from 9am and the time she fell asleep) – treating her like she was some sort of prisoner that was required to be chained to the bed. All she wanted to do was be normal and get out of bed and walk around …You dont do that You Grow back to bed now ! ….the young foreign nurses barked at her.

    The patient naturally became agitated with the barking mad 20 yo nurses when as they harassed her all day long. When she was left alone she was just fine and a delight. I think she was just trying to cope with the new pain level and pass the time by getting out of bed and walking around. NOthing to do in that hospital . The patient was otherwise OK – not aggressive towards staff unless provoked by them which unfortunely is almost a constant thing – talken to rudely, condescendingly, like a 3 year olde – very little respect given. The patient was was only verbally aggressive to staff at any time unless they tried to man-handle her. Naturally she fought back, who wouldn't.

    The next thing i find out is the young 20 something year old nurse coming on new shift day 3 is trying to give the patient a wafer of Olanzapine because she wouldnt allow them to change her clothes . The patient was actually asleep for the majority of the day when the nurse comes up to me and says we have to give her this antiphyschotic drug as she is too agitated with staff to follow any of their orders.

    I tell the nurse that the doctors advised me that no antiphychotic drugs were going to be administered and that the patient is she is already asleep, relaxed, not harming anyone, so why would you need to giver her an antiphychotic medication – it doesnt make any sense to me – its not supposed to have been charted anyway. The nurse however insisted the drug be used as it was charted – i said no way – not until i speak to the doctors – I have to stay there until that nurse leaves to make sure she doesnt use that olanzapine – i get home and cant sleep as i now know that antiphychotics are now on the menu and have been there for the last couple of days without our knowledge – Thankfully the patient smarter than all the doctors and nurses put together intutively refused taking the drugs that are being foreced upon without her knowledge – what a nightmare! ….but typical of this industry

    Who do these doctors and nurses think they are???? The patient is not being dangerous to anyone – why were we never told that these medication where going to be used ? why were we not told about any risks or side affects?? God help you if you fall into the vulnerable persons category

    So here i am in this situation (time and time again ) where the consultant geriatrician has advise the family that no antiphychotics to be used yet as soon as we turn our backs she has charted Olanzapine and now we have nurse who's come on shift and want to administer this "medication" to a person who is asleep – not agitated at all. The doctors and nurses are the ones that are crazy not the patients – Agitated patients are agitated for good reason – there sick of putting up with bullshit and being taken advantage of.

    Thank God i was there to see what really goes on in these places and how you can unknowingly find yourself or family in situation with the medical staff that just dish out this dangerous shit willy-nilly for no logical reason — not advising you or family of any consequences before they chart it – saying one thing and doing another.

    Furthermore , in emergency before the patient was admitted to the hospital, refused a blood test because she already had heightened pain level and delirium . She was then held down by 6 burly nurses who and given a shot of antiphychotic risperidol and later another muscle relaxer which can kill you to gain access for a blood test.

    All the antiphychotic seemed to do was immobilize and chock the patient so that she couldnt talk or move – she was still agitated but just immobilized – note in this example she was only agitated because 6 nurses ganged up on her and held her down and needle raped her injected her with the antiphyschotic drug – it was a very scary scene – who wouldnt be agitated see that coming. Any way i am glad i witnessed that event and to see the effect on the patient – its a scary thing to happen and what would normally happen when vulnerable people are left alone in the hands of the medical community or even nursing home – if you dont comply with whatever they ask you to do you will be hit with antiphychotics in no time.

    From what i can tell all these antiphychotics do is stop a person from expressing themselves , they seem to be more of a convenience of the medical staff, not yours, they seem to do jack shit for your emotions over the long term but have the potential to fuck you up and do so permanently – why risk it ?

    Imaging having tardive diskinesia movements for the rest of your life – why risk that, especially in a harmless elderly person, why increase the risk of falls and permanant impairment – why force this stuff upon people – unfortunately this is what goes on.

    Personally id prefer to die than be left in the hands of medical and nursing staff or risk having tardive diskinesia for life and not be able to walk or express myself naturally. It absolute neglect and abuse in my opinion – from greed and manipulation. There got to be a better approach.

  • Hey man check out my recent comment on my thread. I hope you laugh at my misery haha. FYI, I found cognitive behavioural therapy as one of the most effective tools to get better sleep. What I learned was to massage your scalp, scrunch your face/eyes and massage your neck. It loosens up the muscles and lets the sleep come easier. Also to go to bed and wake up at the exact same time every day (so go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 7am – if you can't sleep get out of bed and do something outside your bedroom until you tire yourself out and need to sleep again). There's more to it but CBT I found works wonders. Best of luck with getting caught up on sleep man.

  • Interesting video. The message would be stronger if the tone was more focussed around making arguments against medications more than the name calling (the hitting and pushing of the nurse I could have done without seeing), but I agree that being off psychiatric drugs is much better than being on them. The issues of mental health and mental illnesses are fundamentally different than physical illnesses because of how complicated the cause and affect are to an individual's citcumstance. I can relate to the message of this video from my experience with psychiatric medication.

  • I was smoking pot and was feeling great, Then the dutch government convinced my parents that I need help. I dont want help. But the judge forced me to take Zyprexa. Because they think I am Psychotic. But I think it isn't true. I am on 10 mg now. It is fucking up my life and body. I want to quit, but cant, because then is a chance that they can lock me up again. Please All people who read this. The real Problem and knowledge you need to know is Kundalini. Research what Kundalini is! And Awaken it, and go out and Heal this sick american dominated world. Peace From Holland. V

  • kiwi bro felt everything you described from one dose of 10mg that fucking doctor couldn't star with 5.. :/ Man yes I am experienced capped emotions already for two days as a pretty emotionally balanced and thought oriented individual with no irrationalties came to checkout schizophrenia determined had none. I feel weird and had 150 IQ now being histrionic hysteric because of this pill! :/ 🙂

  • This video speaks such a intense form of truth I took Zeprexa once and feel tires and had motion loss possibly memory loss. I don't know what it did to my brain but my emotions are capped. I took a 10mg dose. can you tell me what your first time was like? And taking it one time doesn't make a big change right? felt a bit like a different person

  • I've been on this drug for years, I have put on weight, which I never did before. I used to be skinny. Not good drug, I want to come off, I tried to in 2012 but I was always nauseous " it's hell…….

  • Took Zyprexa from April 2015 through July 2015, caused depression to become morbid, developed PTSD, unbelievable severe anxiety, needed to be hospitalized. To this day still feel side effects in April 2016: no joy, severe intermittent anxiety, PTSD, sleep apnea, feel miserable. This drug is poisonous.

  • soo I was on zyprexa, and I fucking took myself off after 6 months, I was not going to destroy my body. staying on it for years . you just needed to smoke some fuckn pot before bed bro.

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